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* In dosages with less than 5 Kcal, can be considered in the packings free of calories, according to CODEX Alimentarius regulations.

Aztevia products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
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It is the natural sweetener of stevia par excellence, thanks to its flavor free of bitter as sugar and its functional properties for the body. Aztevia zero has the ideal flavor because it is made with the purest raw material of stevia, which is Rebaudioside A with 99% purity.

This raw material does not contain bitter or metallic flavors and allows Aztevia Zero to have a sweet and clean taste. Also thanks to the natural fiber of inulin, you get the functionality to help accelerate the intestinal transit and keep the digestive tract in good condition. It also contains DHA, which provides benefits to the heart and brain for the omega 3 it contains.

It is the result of several years of research and an internationally patented formulation. Composed of high quality ingredients that provide health and the ideal flavor. It can be used at all meals. AZTEVIA ZERO is suitable for diabetics under regular medical supervision.

It is calorie-free. *

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Boxes x 10 sachets of 1 gr.
Boxes x 50 sachets of 1 gr.
Boxes x 100 sachets of 1 gr.

Ideal for carrying anywhere, whether in the wallet or in the pocket.
Excellent flavor, without bitter and with prebiotic fiber. And DHA.
1 envelope is equivalent to 2 teaspoons of sugar.


Ideal to use at home and sweeten any drink.
Excellent flavor, without bitter and with prebiotic fiber. And DHA.
1 teaspoon included equals 10 teaspoons of sugar.


Ideal for use in confectionery.
In the preparation of desserts that normally carry sugar, you must consider the volume of sugar to be replaced since sugar occupies a certain volume in the dessert, so when you decide to use Aztevia Zero, we recommend that it be the bulk presentation in doypack bag , Since only the normal sugar volume, which is tested in the preparations, is to be replaced by ¼.
As a result they will get a dessert with an adequate volume.
IMPORTANT .- ​​If a very powerful stevia is used in the sweetness, this would generate a complication for the volume of sugar to be replaced, and possibly the dessert or the cake would leave deflated, with bad texture and smaller than normal in the mold and with Bitter taste.
To help you with dessert preparations, you can go to our recipes section where you will find techniques and recipes for delicious desserts.

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