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Aztevia! Was created to satisfy the need to consume rich foods that people like, but with functional benefits for the body!

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In 2002 the founders, at that time bachilleres of Mechatronics Engineering and Biotechnology began testing for a Biotechnology project in vegetative propagation of stevia plants. At that moment they realized the great future that stevia had as a natural substitute for sugar.

In the following years they carried out studies at the agricultural level for the stevia planting, arriving to plant stevia of different varieties in different agricultural zones of Peru; Coast, mountains and jungle. At the beginning of 2011 they decided to implement a scientific research laboratory in Peru to develop industrial methods with natural procedures for producing stevia sweeteners, calorie-free and possessing properties beneficial to health. Subsequently the research was complemented with a part of the development in China, where were the most technologically advanced factories in the world for the production of extracts of stevia of great quality.

At that time they realized that the Chinese and Malaysians had entered the stevia business 40 years ago and had much technological advancement and much of the stevia market as an additive in the world.

Aztevia was created in response to the need of the market for natural sweeteners with the same or similar flavor of sugar, without calories, without the classic bitter flavors of artificial sweeteners or classic stevia in addition to seeking a contribution more than calories and good taste to The people, to develop foods that contribute an added value, that bring health, that are nutraceúticos and functional.

The high performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) methodology was used to detect only sweet molecules and to isolate non-sweet molecules. It was investigated with different types of natural sweeteners like Stevia, Glicirrizina, Agave among others. The company team moved to the United States to continue the next part of the research in search of the best functional ingredients for the design of the new sweeteners that were to be created.

Since 2012, it has been designed in the laboratory formulas of sweeteners and functional foods of great flavor and beneficial properties for people. In January 2014, the first developed formulations were presented as candidates for international patents before the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), along with their possible applications in different types of foods.

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